Maximize Your Professional (and Personal) Potential
with Conversational Development for Educators

This first-of-its-kind coaching program provides educators with one-on-one professional instruction to develop their skills to engage students through meaningful conversations

Accepting applications soon for our 2023 program on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Limited spaces available — Don't miss out on this chance to invest in yourself, your students, and your classroom!

How does our coaching program work?

1-on-1 Focus Sessions

Comprehensive sessions with your Project Coach via Zoom in which you will plan and debrief a live classroom discussion. Your coach will make sure you’re getting the most you can out of this development program.

Capture Impact Immediately

We have both digital and physical forms designed to streamline the assessment process. You instantly see the impact of the discussion on your class.

On-Going Support

Being the first to deploy a new method of teaching is not always straightforward. This is why your Project Coach is available for contact, whenever you need advice or inspiration.

Exclusive Opportunities

Participants receive access to our ever-growing library of educational podcasts, tickets to exclusive workshops by world-class educators, and live events to practice conversational skills and network with educators from around the world.

This is for you if..


Once open, links to our application will be sent directly to our mailing list, if you’re interested sign up below.

Yes. You will be attending two zoom meetings, communicating digitally with your coach, accessing online content and working independently at your own pace.

The core of the program will last 1-3 weeks and span 5 professional hours, depending on your teaching situation and comfort level with conversations. You will have access to our online community of practice for one year.

No! Our method of education is effective for long-time teachers and those who haven’t yet taught a class. The principles taught in Conversational Development show you a unique new way to look at teaching.

Yes!  We would love to work with you provided you have the ability to run discussions with your cooperating teacher.

Yes.  You will have several options to complete the classroom discussion component of the program.

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