Conversation Project

Building critical thinking and
compassionate communities through trusting conversations

Teach Different co-founder, Steve Fouts, shares the inspiration behind the Conversation Project.

How this works

Teach Different co-founder, Dan Fouts, breaks down the universally-designed protocol for conversations taught in this project.  The protocol can be used with any age student in any learning setting.


Recapture the joy of teaching with a new-found confidence to spark engaging discussions with young people.

Families & Classrooms

Become a safe place for authentic dialogue and a stage to Inspire a new generation of citizen leaders.


Learn to think critically, empathize and hone their skills of deep questioning.

Let's Make A Difference

Get Involved

Teachers: Learn about our one-on-one coaching program that will help you master the art and science of conversations.

School leaders: Contact us to discuss individual and group coaching programs for teachers that guide evidence-based strategies for starting, managing and assessing classroom discussions.

Donors/friends and supporters: Invest in teachers and families in your local area and across the country with a tax-deductible gift that will help create safe spaces for young people to talk and listen through deep conversations.

The Conversation Project has hosted workshops, presented at conferences and organized professional roundtables with teachers, K-12 administrators and business leaders from all around the world.


To inspire deep and meaningful conversations every day.


A society led by critical thinking and compassionate citizens.


  • Deep Questioning
  • Civic Virtues
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self-Expression
  • Common Ground